In the history of the NHL
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In The History Of The NHL

In the history of the NHL

The fierce fight will cause a huge psychological shock to the players near the bottom line, causing them to make a choice in the bottom line to make a choice, the action deformation or subconsciously to the ball, which can disintegrate each other's offensive. Another key position on the ice hockey court is the intersection of the blue line and the boundary wall. This is an important position for the defender to NHL Coins complete the outing area and attack and defense to leave the ball on the blue line. The ferocious rush will make the attack and defense of the ball unable to effectively Keep the ball on the blue line, and the defender may make mistakes in the process, or rush to deal with the ball to cause the floor ball. A good offensive team will slam the blue line around when it continues to attack. It is like holding a ring and keeping the ball under control in the blue line so that the defender cannot move. The excellent defensive team can constantly clear the ball through this position, disrupt each other's offensives and wait for a quick counterattack.

In the history of the NHL, advocating physical confrontation, the most talked coach, is undoubtedly Scott Bowman. The coach with the most wins in the NHL history has built a fearsome violence group during the Redwing era in Detroit. Planned countless court violence scenes. The most classic is the “Wednesday Blood” jointly performed by the Red Wings and the Avalanche two giants in 1997. Scott Bauman's successful experience guaranteed his absolute control over the Red Wings, and his teaching philosophy and Detroit's city are full of "iron-blooded" sports culture and a deep fit. As Scott Bowman's famous disciple, the current head coach of the Canadian National Team, the current Maple coach Mike Babbockk was deeply affected by this spirit during the Red Wings era. He relied on inspiring the team's cohesiveness and fighting spirit to make the Detroit Red Wings, which no longer peaked after 2009, make it to the playoffs for five consecutive years. While in the west, Red Wing and Duckling's playoff match made people talk about it because of fierce physical confrontation. As the young talents of the Maple Leaf team matured, Babcock was slowly injecting the iron genes he had accumulated during the Detroit era into this young team.


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