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At The Beginning Of The Third Quarter

At the beginning of the third quarter

At the beginning of the third quarter, due to Radu fouling in the final moment of NHL Coins the second quarter, the Red Wings won the second chance in this game. This time they finally seized the opportunity to equalize the game. Three forwards, Frans Nielsen, attacked the frontcourt and passed the ball to the defender Niklas Coronwell, who played the iconic long shot, although Quaker made the save. The bouncing ball landed in front of the goal and the follow-up Gustav Nyquist fired in a close range. The ball hit the left post and Quaker was unable to respond in time. Nyquist followed up again. Shoot the ball into the ball, 1-1.

In the 8th minute, the Kings took advantage of the chance to play again and again with little chance. The score exceeded. Defender Drew Doddy sent the ball to the floor area. Kobitar and Red wing defender Nicklas Jensen paired the ball and the ball bounced. After passing the goal, the ball hit the net nest on the back of Colur, 2-1.


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