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The Tandem Provides Strong Support

The tandem provides strong support

The Jets raced non-stop to Nashville to challenge the Marauders. This was a positive contest between the first and second place in the Central Division. Compared to the Jets’ high-flying offense, the Marauder’s performance has been even more steady. The current best-performing forward is Sweden forward Viktor Avidson, who has played in the past seven games. 3 goals and 6 assists, other players' performance is relatively average. In the backcourt, the deputy captain Ryan Ellis had two goals and five assists in the past seven games. The returning captain Romain Yousi gave six assists in three games, giving the team offensive and defensive duties.

The tandem provides strong support. Even so, the predators did not excel on the offensive end. The most commendable team is the goalkeeper. The game team is expected to send Pekka Rene, the current leader, who is very brave in the past. The first starter was the team’s impressive record of 18 wins, 1 loss and 1 loss. His per-game save rate reached 92.8% this season, and he scored seven times to NHL Coins finish. His play will determine the game’s performance. Towards.


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