After leaving La Liga
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After Leaving La Liga

After leaving La Liga

West Ham's new coach Pellegrini is a Chilean, coaching extremely rich, served as head coach for seven teams in the Chilean and Argentine leagues, coached Villarreal, Real Madrid and Malaga in La Liga. After leaving La Liga, he became the head coach of the Premier League Manchester City and China Super Hebei Hebei China. Returned to the Premier League from Super League and entered the West Ham United. Pellegrini, who was born in 1953, is the oldest of the seven coaches.

Guardiola, who is the same age as Emeri, is also a native coach of La Liga. Although he coaches a small number of teams, his record is extremely high. In the player's era, Guardiola was Barcelona's captain and Spanish international, winning the 1992 Champions League championship and the Olympic champion of the same year. From 2008 to 2012, Guardiola coached Barcelona to create the "Dream of  FIFA 18 Coins the Three Kingdoms" and won two Champions League titles. In 2009, he led Barcelona to become the "six-time winner." From 2013 to 2016, he was the head coach of Bayern Munich. Since summer 2016, he has served as Manchester City coach. This season, Guardiola led Manchester City to win the Premier League and League Cup, and created an Premier League record with 100 points, 106 goals and 32 wins in a single season.


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