Everything that involves maneuvering your vehicle
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Everything That Involves Maneuvering Your Vehicle

Everything that involves maneuvering your vehicle

Everything that involves maneuvering your vehicle, firing it’s assortment of  Arcane Legends Gold weapons, toggling gears, reloading guns, target locking, and the like, are decided through these tabs. These can be automatically selected by picking either simplified controls, or realistic controls, which can still be further adjusted should the player wish to make themselves more comfortable with their keyboard setup. Despite the game’s confusing main menu of not knowing when it’s a tank game and when it’s an aircraft game, the good news is that everything from it’s control scheme and visual setup are very user-friendly and a joy to play with.

But how well does the gameplay fair up? Well this is largely down to your preference on the game’s play style which is decided across it’s realistic approach to the handling of tanks, and in the way it’s weapon systems function. As said previously the gameplay can be approached through three styles of play, appropriately titled, arcade, realistic, and simulation.


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