Until we get a playoff meeting
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Until We Get A Playoff Meeting

Until we get a playoff meeting

Southern California, meanwhile, has given us one of baseball’s most disappointing teams. But it’s also provided one of baseball’s most incredible stories. When we go up the Pacific Coast and into Seattle, we’ll find a someone who ruined what could have been a Hall of Fame career.The 2018 MLB season has given us many winners and losers. These are the most notable.

For fans of the Yankees and Red Sox, this is always relevant. Given the size of Buy MLB18 Stubs the two fan bases, it’s fair to say then that it’s always a big rivalry. That said, it can be a touch overrated in the eyes of the neutral fan. At least in certain seasons,This is not one of those seasons. In years when the teams are evenly matched World Series favorites, this rivalry is special. It’s even better when there’s some bad blood. On e-quarter of the way through 2018, New York and Boston have baseball’s best two records, have split six meetings and have even had a brawl for good measure. The rivalry is in a good place.

Until we get a playoff meeting, we can’t quite say this rivalry is where it was when the two met in consecutive seven-game ALCS’ in 2003 and 2004. But it’s definitely red hot now and things are certainly moving in that direction.


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